Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kentucky ANSWP Unity Cookout


I love to organize small get togethers for White Nationalists. This past Halloween I through together a small party which drew around 20-25 people. I did this with no promotion. This time around I wanted to promote an event which will draw more. I am in the process of speaking to two nearby Klan groups and dozens of other people I am in friends with to attend.I am sure some of the nearby local members of the ANSWP will also attend. Don’t worry about costs. I never ask for fees or funds. If you are willing to donate for food and drink funds that that will be greatly appreciated. However, like I said, I won’t ask nor do I expect anyone to pay. I don’t mind setting up events for my own people using my own out of pocket cash.The date is April 6, 2008 – a Sunday.The location will be Baxter, KY I am letting people know this far in advance so you all can make plans now. If I get good feedback, I may make this an all weekend thing and even rent room for speakers and such. For now, it’s a simple cookout for white fellowship. For any questions you may have, please email me at

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